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The global skin care and cosmetics industry grosses over $114 billion a year. Today, men and woman of all ages are looking for safe and natural ways to protect and revitalize their skin. We are already a market leader in the industry and we are confident that our company will only continue to grow stronger.
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• Our products are established around the world
• Our marketing opportunity offers unlimited growth potential
• Don't miss this chance to get in on the ground-floor
ASK me Jeri call 859-304-1691
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• One of the fastest growing industries on Earth
• Global sales over $114 billion in 2009
• Beauty industry grew 9% last year
• Full or part time, set your own hours
• Equal opportunity -- gender, race, education
• No territories, limitless potential
• Provide for your financial future
• Set your own dreams and goals
"If you can dream it, then you can achieve it. You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want”. - Zig Ziglar
Network marketing is about passionate people being paid to share what they love with others. The great thing about this industry is that the more you share the more successful you become. We firmly believe that it is better to help people build their own business than to spend millions on wasted advertising budgets. We believe that we can only see true success when you are successful. For this reason, we have created an aggressive compensation plan to help you meet your goals.

Seacret products are made with minerals from the Dead Sea. Seacret™ Body Butter enriched with Dead Sea minerals - replenishes dry skin and restores its healthy glow. A nourishing blend of Vitamins, herbal extracts, Natural oils, Shea and Cocoa Butters moisturize for an overall feeling of rejuvenation.
The thing I like most about this company is they list everything in their products. Go to and look at any product listed it will tell you all about it. These products are made with natural ingredients that are good for your skin.
Skin is what holds your body together it is one of the biggest organs you have. Why not take care of it with some pampering that makes it feel good

Seacret Products
Love Spa products. Some are very pricey and if you look at the ingredients you might see that in actuality they might not be all that natural or paraban free as you might have believed.
I have tried many products meant to nourish your skin. Many of them work good for awhile.
Usually within a month I was trying something else. Spending anywhere from 20 dollars to 60.00 dollars a month. With little relief for flaky dry skin.
Then I discovered Seacret Minerals from the Dead Sea and it changed the way I look at other products out there. These products are made with real minerals from the Dead Sea. Every product is infused with minerals from the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea provides some of the most concentrated, natural mineral salts and mineral-rich mud in the world. Minerals that are essential to your skins health. The Dead Sea has often been called the Fountain of Youth and is visited for its Nourishing and healing abilities.
You can visit and check out the products yourself . Be sure to click to to get more information I love that it tells you every ingredient in each product
I personally use the Dead Sea mud soap all over when I bath. It does not leave you feeling sticky and it makes my skin feel clean and soft. My face mask I love is the mudmask , its just wonderful a little at a time. This is a company that really does care. And you really can make an unlimited income. I have seen the difference it makes in peoples lives..
When visiting the site check out the opportunity too. YES I am a Seacret Agent and I am changing my life


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Thought I'd let anyone who is interested in writing to make a few extra bucks that there are two great places to wrte about anything you want. Its easy to get followers and make some extra cash. But don't think these are easy money. You have to put some effort into your articles ..make them interesting. The first one s called Hubpages and it free to join and you can make money through adsense and amazon.
Hubpages has been very good to me. Another site s called best reviewer and you submit your top 10 or it could just be a top 3 but anything you want as your top and they are free to join and they have 100 percent adsense sharing

These are the best sites have found so far..but I looking into a few more.

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Its been awhile since I've been on...changed jobs recently so I don't have as much time to sit around....): thought I'd like the change but it seems that since I've had cancer and my brothers death I just don't have the energy I used to have. I keep thinking if I could just find somethng that interests me I'll be ok but I don't have much of anything I fnd interesting anymore.I just have to keep pushng myself.

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I have been havng my tests and scans done to make sure the cancer has not come hasn't things are looking up..except that I'm not happy with my work.I'm hoping to find a better position but with things the way they are in this recession I doubt that I do.

Working dogs
I love dogs and have a few that are my fav's. I grew up on a farm so working dogs to me are the best to have, here is a hub I wrote on the german shepard

I'm going to an auction tonight.I have not been to one in along time.I really don't need anything and I have no idea if I will even bid on anything. I do love the atmosphere at an auction though.My problem is that if I start to bid on something I really don't like to be out bid. And I will keep bidding on something to a higher price just to win it...silly. I hope I can contain myself tonight.

things I dont know
here is a hub I wrote on things I don't know

I heard on the news last night that a Lexington company is expanding by 700 hundred jobs. I live an hour away. Wish I was closer they are paying better than I make now.


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